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HQ Khartoum Tower

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United Insurance Tower - Khartoum

The First Prtnership Investment between Shareholders and Policyholders

As a pioneer in Takaful Insurance; United Insurance created the first partnership investment between Policy Holders and Shareholders to develop a commercial building to serve as the company Flagship Headquarters as well as a solid safe investment as well as steady profits.

Current Ocuppants
  • TUI HQ 1 United Floor
  • 11th Floor Restaurant & Training Room, Library
  • 10th Floor Executive Management
  • 9th Floor Underwriting, Customer Service, IT
  • 8th Floor Claims, HR, Admin & Marketing
  • 7th Floor Investment & Strategy, Medical & Travel,
  • Branches & Agents

United Current Tenants
  • 6th Floor Ministry of Finance
  • 5th Floor Ministry of Finance
  • 4th Floor Ministry of Finance
  • 3rd Floor Ministry of Audit
  • 2nd Floor Ministry of Finance
  • 1st Floor Ministry of Finance

Available For Rent
  • Mezzanine Available for Rent
  • Ground Floor Available for Rent

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