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Board of Directors



The Board of United Insurance is responsible for the overall direction of the business of the Company and is accountable to the shareholders for the operations of the Company. The terms of service of the Board are determined by the General Assembly.



The appointment if the Board Members is done every three years through a formal and transparent election process that involves the entire membership of the Company.



The current Board comprises of 10 non – executive Directors’ with Six members from the Shareholders and 3 members elected from the Customers and One Expert, as well as the Managing Director and General Manager serving in ex officio capacity. Senior management officials of the Company attend Board meetings by invitation. Current members of the Board of Directors:

Mr. Khalid Khalil Osman – Chairman
• Mr. Taha Hamid Humeida - Board Member
• Mr. George Contomichalos - Board Member
• Mr. Gerassimo Contomichalos - Board Member
• Mr. Abdelrahman Yehya El Mahdi - Board Member
• Mr. Muzamil Saif Hag Elsafi - Board Member
• Mr. Kamal Abdallah Abosh - Director - Policy Holder Rep - Kenana Sugar Factory
• Mr. Moawia Elberier - Director - Policy Holder Rep - Moawia Elberier Group
• Mr. Abdul Muttal Mamoun Abdul Muttal. - Director - Policy Holder Rep - Golden Arrow Group
• Dr. Abdel Rahman Eltayeb Ali Taha - Expert on the Board
• Mr. Tarig Khalil Osman - None-voting Board Member
• Mr. Abdel Khalig Abdalla Mohamed - None-voting General Manager
• Mr. Zuheir Hassan Ibrahim - Secretary of the Board 

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